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Welcome to the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Technological Deceit

Activist Post | Jul 25, 2017 | Daisy Luther

The era of artificial intelligence and technological deceit is upon us. If you think “fake news” and propaganda is bad right now, just wait.

And you won’t have to wait very long, at that.

Pretty soon, computer wizardry and artificial intelligence will allow video footage to be created that is practically indiscernible from the real deal. Add to this holograph technology, and soon a person could appear to be speaking, live, in front of you, and you’d never even know it was all fake. The ethical ramifications of AI and technology are simply mind-boggling. In fact, some folks even believe it will signal the beginning of the end of humanity.

But apocalyptic AI aside, let’s look at the manipulative potential of our current tech. We are very close to real life meeting science fiction; and if you think we are being deceived now, once these technologies are rolled out, you won’t be able to believe your eyes or your ears.

There are several unsettling parts to this story.

First, there’s the video editing to a new soundtrack.

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed an artificial intelligence software so powerful that it can put words in the mouth of just about anybody. It’s basically like artificially intelligent lip-synching.
…as long as there’s an audio source to use, the video can include realistic mouth shapes that are almost perfectly aligned to the words being spoken. Those synthesised shapes can then be grafted onto an existing video of someone talking…

…There are two parts to the system: first a neural network is trained to watch large volumes of videos to recognise which audio sounds match with which mouth shapes. Then the results are mixed with moving images of a specific person, based on previous research into digital modelling carried out at UW. (source)
Here’s a clip of the software in action.

U of W says that this is actually a good thing and has been developed to help identify fake videos. Because, you know, no one has ever misused technology before.

Then, there’s audio technology that can imitate anyone’s voice with access to a few recordings.

And if that were the only new tech development, it would be bad enough. But a new start-up called Lyrebird can actually create audio that sounds exactly like someone else using “deep learning and artificial neural networks.”

This is an example. It’s kind of rough right now, but how long before it gets polished up?
Even more alarming, this is something that ordinary folks will soon be able to get their hands on. If this is for the layman, can you even imagine what the government and military have access to?

Then, there are holograms.

Do you recall when Tupac (who is supposedly dead or maybe alive, depending on who you believe) showed up a Coachella on the stage back in 2012? If you speed ahead to 2:20 in the video below, the hologram Tupac is on stage with a real person, Dr. Dre, and the difference is nearly indistinguishable.

(Language alert. Come on, it’s Tupac – you didn’t expect him to be squeaky clean, suddenly.)

Here’s how the technology works:
Holography is a broad field, but at its most basic, it is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object. The light is then reproduced in a 3D format. Holography was first developed in the 1940s by the Hungarian-British physicist Dennis Gabor, who won the 1971 Nobel Prize in physics for his invention and development of the holographic method.

Our ability to produce dynamic, high-resolution holograms—think Princess Leia pleading with Obi-Wan Kenobi for the Jedi’s help—is currently limited by what’s called wavefront modulators. These devices, such as spatial light modulators or digital micromirror devices, can control the direction of light propagation.

An imaging system with a short focal length lens can only create a tiny image that has a wide viewing range. Conversely, a system with a long focal length can generate a larger image but with a very narrow viewing range. The best wavefront modulator technology has only been able to create an image that is one centimeter in size with a viewing angle of three degrees.

“This problem… can be solved by simply inserting a diffuser,” explains YongKeun Park, a professor in the Physics Department at KAIST. Because a diffuser diffuses light, both the image size and viewing angle can be dramatically increased by a factor of a few thousands, according to Park.

But there’s still one more problem to overcome: a diffuser scrambles light.

“Thus, in order to utilize a diffuser as ‘a holographic lens,’ one needs to calibrate the optical characteristics of each diffusor carefully,” Park says by email. “For this purpose, we use ‘wavefront-shaping technique,’ which provides information about the relationship between impinging light onto a diffuser and outgoing light.” (source)
Fascinating, yet terrifying at the same time.

Think about the ramifications of this.

With all of this technology, some of it soon to be available on our smart phones, how can we believe anything?

Think about it.

How difficult would it be to completely fabricate “videos” of anyone that we are expected to hate?

We live in an era in which false flags are the norm and those in power profit from war. It’s a regular occurrence to create a new bogeyman whenever a conflict is the desired outcome.

Here’s an example.

Consider the whole chemical attack presumably undertaken by Bashar al-Assad in Syria against his own people. All we had to go on in the news were suppositions, a video of the aftermath, and some heart-rending emotional coverage.

But, honestly, some of us never really believed this was legitimate because there was no motive. However, lots of folks did believe it, hook, line, and sinker, without any video or any claim by Assad that he was, in fact, responsible. (In fact, he denied it the entire time.) These people were ready for us to go to war against Assad immediately to stop the suffering of those poor, dying children.

Now, let’s add technology into the mix.

What if there had been an AI video and soundtrack of Assad? People tend to believe their eyes and ears, particularly if they have already been prompted to feel a certain emotion. What if there was a “live” speech in front of thousands that was just a hologram?

Let’s take the what-ifs further.

What if there were AI soundtrack recordings of the infamous “Russia” collusion? What if there were hologram speeches from leaders who had been assassinated stating that, no, they escaped, and here’s what they want their mourning followers to do next.

What if there is an AI speech and an AI video that appeared to be our “enemy” making threats against us?  Maybe one of Jong-un telling his people that yep, we’re striking the US tonight with an EMP that will devastate them for decades. What better way to get our country to be fully behind a military “preemptive” attack than that?

Is this is far-fetched?

Call me a Luddite (trust me, you wouldn’t be the first) but AI is becoming more acceptable every day with Alexa and Siri in every other home in America. We’re being gently lulled into it by “convenience” but are we opening the door to something that could go horribly wrong?

I hope my imagination is getting the best of me, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past the people pulling the strings to use artificial intelligence to manipulate the masses. If the technology exists to deceive people, someone is going to use it.

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ICEBERG: Why is Antarctica Melting? It's NOT CO2...

Adapt2030 | Jul 25, 2017

© thealternativedaily
With all of the world media hype surrounding the iceberg that broke off of Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf, the MSM forgot that there were 5x bigger icebergs in 1956 and 1927 that broke off. As well underwater volcanoes are responsible for the crack, not CO2 warming.

Add to this images coming from Icelandic Air pilots showing steam vents that have opened through the Greenland Ice sheet, which signals an awakening of new vents under that ice sheet. All of the increases in volcanic and tectonic activity has been predicted as our Earth and Sun enter a grand solar minimum.

It is apparent in the traces of volcanic aerosols in the ice sheets that every grand solar minimum there are more volcanic eruptions. This is what we are seeing now, but the MSM focuses on human causes for the iceberg, when they should be talking about the intensification of the Eddy minimum.

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Psych Warfare: Vaccine Industry "measles outbreaks" are scripted FAKE NEWS used as promotion

Natural News | Jul 24, 2017 | Lance D. Johnson

We are living under a pharmaceutical dictatorship that spends billions of dollars to systematically bribe medical professionals and influence lawmakers. This industry uses the media and associated press not only to advertise its products but also to influence news stories that scare people into vaccinating for alleged protection against benign illnesses.

For example, all media coverage of “measles outbreaks” is really a scripted re-run pharmaceutical advertisement used to scare parents so they will submit their children and comply with the vaccine industry’s current orders. No real information is shared about measles, why so-called vaccine protection wears off, why deadly measles cases were going down before a vaccine was introduced, or why no one has died from the complication of this illness in the past decade. These scare stories never reveal why it’s a good thing to be naturally exposed to the measles virus, so an individual can gain real, lifelong immunity that also prepares the immune system for more important stressors later in life.

These news stories are used to get in the minds of all people, to make everyone doubt themselves before they refuse the 50+ doses of vaccine that are now pushed on children by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which owns vaccine patents and is part of the industry. These scripted FAKE NEWS stories always target those who choose not to vaccinate to make them feel responsible for the advertised disease and to get other people to blame them too. It’s psychological warfare.

Scare tactics are used throughout the medical system

In fear of losing their license, reputation, and medical authority, most medical doctors and pediatricians push the vaccines that they are told to push by the CDC. They have virtually no knowledge of how the natural immune system works, so they blindly cite the science that they are fed by the industry and/or bribed to prescribe. It’s hard to find a doctor that hasn’t been bribed by pharmaceutical interests. Instead of learning about the many facets of the natural immune system and how it is activated, we’re taught to believe that we are deficient in vaccine science, that they are a safe replacement for our bodies and work 100% of the time. Even though infectious disease, communicable disease, superbug infections, neurological disorders and non-communicable disease including cancer are all at an all time high in our world, vaccines are credited for solving our public health problems and making our immune system strong! On top of all this, we’ve been weakened to the point of accepting vaccine damage as a normal way of life and forced to pretend this perpetual chemical and heavy metal augmentation of our bodies is going to sustain us.

From state to state, laws are written to push a number of vaccinations onto infants and children, forcing parents to beg for exemptions if they disagree with the vaccine dictates. Disease scares are played and replayed through the scripted media to motivate legislatures to pass new mandatory vaccine laws that take away any conscientious, philosophical, or religious exemptions to vaccinations. California did just that by passing SB277, America’s most severe mandatory vaccination law that strips parents of their rights and denies children a public education if they are free from one, some, or all of the pharmaceutical industry’s dictated vaccines.

Furthermore, the public outcry against coercive and forced pharmaceuticals is stifled by the FAKE NEWS media that is dead set on carrying out the wishes of the pharmaceutical vaccine tyrants. Watch below, as citizens of Italy protest against mandatory vaccine laws that are taking over their country. You won’t find this on CNN, on NPR, NBC or any other fake news outlets.

Unite against mandatory, coercive, and discriminatory vaccine laws

Children aren’t allowed to attend preschool, receive a public education or go to some colleges unless parents follow along with the vaccine mandates that pharmaceutical companies have coerced into law. Ironically, these school institutions are still riddled with infectious and communicable disease like never seen before. Sickness in all its forms is still widespread, even though vaccine “science” is the glorious savior and only “real prevention” method for children’s well-being.

You won’t find the scripted news media telling the truth about measles, how it is a benign illness that children can overcome and gain natural, lifelong immunity to. No, you will find a scare story about how deadly measles is, even though no one in the U.S. has died from its complications in the last decade. You will find the scripted news media shaming people who are independent of vaccines. The typical FAKE NEWS article will use the terms “anti-vaxxers” “anti-science” or “conspiracy theorist” to describe people who understand the truth.

More people need to use discernment, to wisely judge when the media is being used to turn people against one another and push needless vaccines. People should instead unite against these fear campaigns and denounce the scare tactics used to force mandatory vaccine laws into existence. “The problem is not vaccines per say, but that Glaxo [Glaxo Smith Kline] is inside our ministry [government.]” says one bold protester speaking to a crowd of protesters in Italy.

With two million vaccines delivered daily to over 160 countries, these pharmaceutical companies are only interested in protecting their profits, power, and pride, as public health continues to suffer. Using the media to their advantage, this powerful industry continues to hoax the general population into believing they need vaccines for supposed protection against benign illnesses.

The most important issue now is uniting people to stand against mandatory and discriminatory vaccination laws that coerce parents into compliance so they can send their children to school. The ingredients in the vaccines deteriorate the cellular environment inside every recipient, weakening their body’s overall immunity and neurological function. Choosing to reject this risky, one-sided method of “immunization” should remain a fundamental liberty of every family and individual. (Related: For more news on vaccine freedom, vaccine damage, and immune system science, visit Vaccines.News.)

Sources include:


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Venezuela: 900 Molotov Cocktails Seized in Opposition Arsenal

teleSUR | Jul 25, 2017

Authorities seized bombs and other homemade explosives during a raid in Lara state. | Photo: AVN
Police also found 200 liters of gasoline, 49 homemade shields, 11 mortars, 12 pairs of gloves and 6 bulletproof vests.

Venezuelan state security forces found an arsenal of weapons Tuesday morning that they said were destined for right-wing opposition protests, that have caused more than 100 deaths since April.

Some 900 Molotov cocktails were found in the western area of Los Cardones in the state of Lara and retained by counter intelligence officials.

Over 200 liters of gasoline, 49 homemade shields, 11 homemade mortars, 12 pairs of gloves and 6 homemade bulletproof vests were also found.

In this operation, carried out in the Los Cardones sector, east of the Lara capital of Barquisimeto, officials said the weapons were intended to be used for violent actions in the city.

Six people — five men and one woman — were arrested in this anti-terrorist operation by state security forces and charged with the crime of terrorism.

Opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the Bolivarian government began in early April and in addition to those killed, over 1,200 have been injured.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has consistently called for the cessation of violence and dialogue as a way to resolve the conflict.

However, the right-wing MUD coalition has maintained its belligerent position, calling for an escalation of actions in the coming days in hopes of disrupting the National Constituent Assembly elections slated for Sunday, July 30.

Appeals court decides Washington, DC gun restriction law defies Second Amendment

RT | Jul 25, 2017

© Jason Reed / Reuters
Requiring that individuals must have a “good reason” to need firearms for personal protection is a rule designed to defy the Second Amendment, a federal appeals court has decided, striking down the laws intended to curb gun ownership in the US capital.

The three-judge panel at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 against the District of Columbia. Judges Thomas B. Griffith and Stephen F. Williams were in the majority, while Judge Karen L. Henderson dissented.

“We are bound to leave the District as much space to regulate as the Constitution allows – but no more,” wrote Judge Griffith in the decision issued Tuesday. “And the resulting decision rests on a rule so narrow that good-reason laws seem almost uniquely designed to defy it: that the law-abiding citizen’s right to bear common arms must enable the typical citizen to carry a gun.”
The District, which is home to federal government institutions, banned all handguns in 1976. That ban was struck down by the US Supreme Court in 2008 (DC v. Heller). A ban on carrying handguns was struck down in 2014 (Palmer v. DC), which resulted in the current law, requiring individuals applying for a concealed-carry license to demonstrate “good reason to fear injury” to person or property or “any other proper reason for carrying a pistol.”

For Tuesday’s ruling, the court combined two separate but related appeals, in which the plaintiffs sought an injunction against the District enforcing the “good reason” law. The law was challenged by Brian Wrenn and the Second Amendment Foundation, Inc. as well as Matthew Grace and the Pink Pistols, a group arguing that sexual minorities should be allowed to carry firearms for self-defense. Lower courts had denied the injunction to Wrenn and granted it to Grace.

The District had argued that its gun control laws were necessary for public safety, that DC was a densely populated urban area, and that the presence of federal officials warranted special security concerns.

The District’s law merited invalidation “regardless of its precise benefits,” because the Second Amendment “erects some absolute barriers that no gun law may breach,” the majority decision held.

In her dissent, Judge Henderson sided with the District that licensing laws were intended for “the prevention of crime and the promotion of public safety,” adding that the “core” Second Amendment right applies to possession of self-defense weapons at home, but not outside.

Monetary Hell: City Council wants £2.5k fine on Homeless blocking doors

RT | Jul 25, 2017

© Luke MacGregor / Reuters
Homeless people in England’s illustrious university town of Oxford have been threatened with thousands of pounds in fines by the city council if they leave their bags in doorways.

The council has reportedly attached notices to bags left in doorways warning that fines could be incurred.

Oxford City Council says the bags could cause a fire hazard by blocking fire escapes.

Local Green Party councillor David Thomas told the BBC the move was an “outrageous” attempt to “intimidate” the city’s homeless people.

A homeless man, named as Nero, told the BBC he had had possessions confiscated by the council.

Most of the stuff which was taken was stuff that the public donated... it’s a shame,” he said.

Another man was asked about the storage lockers available to those receiving aid services through official channels.

What Oxford needs is a just a space for stuff to be stored,” he said, arguing the lockers are not big enough.

While homelessness in cities receives much more attention, a recent report suggested it is a far bigger problem in rural areas than previously thought.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) warned in mid-July that the “hidden crisis” of homelessness in England’s countryside is being “underestimated” as people bed down away from the public eye in places like parked cars, barns, outhouses and tents.

Homelessness, traditionally depicted as an urban street phenomenon, is notably absent in people’s understanding of rural life,” the report said.

The stigma of being visibly homeless in rural areas can be much stronger than in urban areas and difficulties accessing local authority services can mean households remain uncounted in official records.”

The report found that between 2010 and 2016, cases of homelessness increased by a staggering 32 percent in “mainly rural” areas, while they jumped by 52 percent in “largely rural” ones.