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5 Things You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

The Anti Media | Oct 27, 2016 | Nick Bernabe

A small Standing Rock Sioux site in North Dakota called the Sacred Stone Camp has been propelled into the national news narrative following their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Due in part to independent media coverage of the ongoing standoff, the Sacred Stone camp has grown into a formidable opposition against the $3.8 billion, 1,200-mile long pipeline.

Due to misinformation coming from law-enforcement, political favoritism toward the pipeline builders, and the media’s blatant reluctance to report on the pipeline, it’s hard to tell truth from fiction. Anti-Media, along with our partners in the independent media and our embedded journalist at the opposition encampment, have been covering the unfolding standoff continuously. Here are five things you need to know.

1. Who is opposing the pipeline — and why


The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is leading the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. They have been joined by the largest tribal coalition in over 100 years in their stand against the pipeline. The coalition is also comprised of activists, allies, and environmentalists, collectively known as “water protectors,” at the Sacred Stone Camp, an encampment close to the location where the pipeline is planned to cross the Missouri River in North Dakota. According to the Sacred Stone camp website, they are opposing the pipeline because “[t]he Dakota Access threatens everything from farming and drinking water to entire ecosystems, wildlife and food sources surrounding the Missouri.”

The Standing Rock Sioux also say the pipeline is violating treaty land, Sioux territory that was established many years ago by the federal government.“We will not allow Dakota Access to trespass on our treaty territory and destroy our medicines and our culture.”

The opposition to the pipeline spreads across several states and is not opposed solely by Native Americans. Farmers, ranchers, and landowners are also opposed to the pipeline. Many of them have had their land taken from them against their will and given to the pipeline via eminent domain.

2. The U.S. government and the pipeline corporation are continuing a long tradition of disrespecting Native Americans


The United States has a very bad reputation for treating Native Americans, the original inhabitants of this land, as less than human. In many instances in the past, the land where Native Americans lived was deemed to be of higher value than the Natives’ lives.

Such has been the case in North Dakota — not only now, but in the past as well. According to The Atlantic:

“The land beneath the pipeline was accorded to Sioux peoples by the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868. Eleven years later, the U.S. government incited and won the Great Sioux War, and ‘renegotiated’ a new treaty with the Sioux under threat of starvation. In that document, the tribe ceded much of the Laramie land, including the Black Hills of South Dakota, where many whites believed there to be gold.”

After the federal government relegated the Sioux people to the “Great Sioux Reservation” in 1851, the treaty was re-written and “renegotiated” by force whenever resources were discovered or when the U.S. government wanted land. Essentially, the Sioux people were victims of U.S.-sanctioned murder, and their land was stolen because gold was discovered on it.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Sioux people are once again making a stand on land that was once — and still is, according to the tribe — theirs. How is the government reacting to this stand? By brutally arresting the Native American water protectors for trespassing. If that is not a miscarriage of justice, I don’t know what is.

Further, Energy Transfer Partners, the company pulling the strings behind the DAPL, has deep pockets, and its lobbyists have cozied up to federal, state, and local governments with jurisdiction over the pipeline route. This could explain why the company began its construction of the pipeline on Army Corps of Engineers land without even securing an easement, which is required by law. Dakota Access LLC, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, has also used the strong-arm of government to force farmers and landowners to hand over their land to the pipeline against their will.

3. Violent acts are being carried out in North Dakota, but not by the water protectors


Violence is breaking out at the Dakota Access Protest site, but the protesters have nothing to do with it. Pipeline police, bolstered by the North Dakota National Guard and sheriffs imported from around the country, have turned the standoff into a war zone. Water protectors are regularly pepper sprayed, tear gassed, and violently arrested. Over the weekend, 127 people were detained in the biggest mass arrest to date.

Militarized police at the Dakota Access Pipeline site are decked out in riot gear, armed with military grade weapons, use armored cars or MRAPs with snipers on top of them, and have regularly used LRADs, a type of mass crowd dispersal weapon that uses a high pitched noise to hurt people’s ears —sometimes permanently.

Early reports of protesters being armed and violent have proven to be instances of misinformation spread by law enforcement apparently seeking to demonize the opposition. No credible reports of violence by the protesters have been confirmed or prosecuted. Nearly all arrests stem from trespassing charges or crimes of journalism.

When protesters initially began using civil disobedience to physically shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline site, they were confronted violently by security guards from British mercenary firm G4S. The mercs sicced dogs and used pepper spray on the protesters in an assault that went viral and helped catalyze even more support for the water protectors.

4. Independent media is under attack at the Dakota Access Pipeline — and the corporate media is ignoring it


Independent media’s broadcasts over the Internet are basically the only reason people around the country and the world now know about the struggle at Standing Rock. Unfortunately, journalists are not immune to the police crackdowns in North Dakota. Dozens of journalists have now been arrested, and an arrest warrant was issued for high-profile journalist Amy Goodman. One independent media outlet, Unicorn Riot, saw four of their journalists arrested in one day in North Dakota. One filmmaker is facing up to 45 years in prison for filming acts of civil disobedience against the pipeline.

Anti-Media’s journalist on the ground, Derrick Broze, was tased by law enforcement while covering the protests on Thursday as this article was being written.

Meanwhile, the national corporate media ignored the battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline as long as they could. For months, despite the DAPL emergence into the national narrative, ABC and NBC refused to air any coverage about it. A woman was arrested for protesting the pipeline on her own farm after Dakota Access LLC gained access to it against her will via eminent domain — yet there was still no corporate media coverage on the incident.

5. How you can help the opposition

Now that you see what water protectors are up against in North Dakota, here’s what you can do to help.
  • Get yourself to the Sacred Stone Camp. The water protectors need reinforcements as people are regularly arrested. The bigger the stand, the more likely the pipeline’s construction will be halted. Here’s how to get there.
  • Send supplies or donations. Water protectors need your help with supplies and funding. Go to this link to send supplies. Go to this link to donate to the cause.
  • Support independent journalists that risk arrest to bring you the news from the front lines. Follow Sacred Stone Camp on Facebook. Share this article.
  • For 10 more ways to get involved, click here.

Police Fire at Dakota Water Protectors in Eviction Crackdown

teleSUR | Oct 27, 2016

Riot police accompanied by armored vehicles and helicopters arrested protesters and injured dozens, according to activists at the site. | Photo: Twitter / @wesenzinna
Riot police accompanied by armored vehicles and helicopters arrested protesters and injured dozens.

Armed military and police descended on protesters against the Dakota Access pipeline Thursday afternoon, firing shots, sound cannons, concussion grenades, pepper spray and wielding batons and snipers to forcefully evacuate a new Sioux-led camp on treaty-protected land.

Riot police accompanied by armored vehicles and helicopters arrested protesters and injured dozens, according to Unicorn Riot. The pipeline activists, self-dubbed “water protectors,” continued with prayer and ceremonial dance as they faced the line of police. Pictures circulating social media even showed an elder arrested as she prayed.

As smoke from burning barricades dissipated, protesters took to social media to share their message in the absence of widespread media coverage. Indigenous activist Harsha Walia tweeted that someone at the camp told her, "back to standoff. We are holding the line again. Police seem to be getting ready to snatch & grab particular ppl."

Jacqueline Keeler, a Dine and Ihanktonwan writers, also tweeted a quote from the front lines: "People are being brutalized. Broken ribs from batons. Pepper spray."

A similar crackdown Saturday ended in the arrest of over 120 protesters and reporters.

The new Oceti Sakowin Camp was built to prepare for winter conditions, with thousands of Native Americans and allies still standing their ground against the construction of what will be the longest Bakken oil pipeline, running through four U.S. states. The pipeline’s route will pass through burial and ceremonial sites, leading tribes to reclaim their land guaranteed in an 1851 treaty for the new camp.

Hundreds of Native American tribes have united to oppose construction, which they say violates U.S. protocol, treaties recognized by their nations and will contaminate the drinking water of millions downstream of the Missouri River.

Several lawsuits are pending against the project, which was approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Some of the police mobilized Thursday came from Hennepin County in Minnesota, which was the center of protests Tuesday for sending equipment to help evict campers. Hundreds gathered in downtown Minneapolis, whose city council passed a resolution opposing the pipeline.


World's First Optical Sensor That Quickly Detects Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Prevent Disease | Oct 20, 2016 | Mae Chan

Australian researchers have developed a world-first optical sensor that can detect vitamin B12 in diluted human blood -- something they believe is a first step towards a low-cost and portable, vitamin B12 deficiency test.

 Previous reviews have concluded that people following a vegan diet may require additional vitamin B12 supplementation to reduce an excess risk of heart disease. Now there's a test that may help.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease and such a device would enable the tracking of vitamin B12 levels in high-risk patients and early intervention.

It is hoped this will help overcome the limitations of current testing methods which the researchers believe are time-consuming and costly.

The research, developed by academics at the University of Adelaide, uses biophotonics - optical technologies - to analyse and measure biological material.

"Vitamin B12 deficiency has been shown to be a potential modifiable risk factor for dementia and Alzheimer's disease and is associated with cognitive decline," says Dr Georgios Tsiminis, Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide. "Older adults are particularly at risk of B12 deficiency due to age-related reduction in absorbing vitamin B12 received through their diet.

Promising step

"Our sensor is an early first step towards a point-of-care solution for measuring and tracking B12 in healthy ageing adults. This would allow doctors to monitor B12 levels and intervene as soon as B12 deficiency was detected."

The sensor is still at proof-of-concept stage but, with development, the researchers believe it has has wide-reaching potential applications.

"Currently our device could not aid in diagnosing vitamin B12 deficiency in a general practice setting," says Dr Tsiminis. "However, this is the first time a rapid technique based on optical spectroscopy has been shown to be able to detect vitamin B12 in human blood serum. We believe this is a very promising first step towards achieving this goal."

The optical sensor measurement of B12 in human blood takes less than a minute and requires minimum preparation. This is the first demonstration of vitamin B12 being measured in human blood serum without the need for a full laboratory test.

The sensor uses an optical measuring technique called Raman spectroscopy which produces a unique optical fingerprint of a target molecule, in this case vitamin B12.

"Our method provides a realistic basis for a system that is portable, cost-effective, and affords rapid results, along the lines of the pin-prick test for diabetes," says Dr Tsiminis.

"Time and cost limitations currently mean that regular and frequent B12 measurements are not being carried out. Having such a device could make this testing routine, potentially having a real impact on dementia and Alzheimer's disease."

Americans have no idea they're at war with these 5 countries

RT | Oct 27, 2016

Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya. These are 5 countries where America is actively waging war, and Americans have no idea. Why? By design. Wars used to be a rallying cry for freedom, but now our leaders know our wars are not so valiant. The Resident breaks it down.

Follow The Resident at

Saudi-Led Airstrikes Leave Yemeni Children Starving, Ministry Tells Sputnik

Sputnik | Oct 27, 2016

© AFP 2016/ Mohammed Huwais
Tamim al-Shami, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Yemen, spoke to Sputnik Arabic saying that the country does not have enough baby food due to the military operations of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Al-Shami further said that because of the sea, land and air blockade which was introduced against Yemen, there has been a severe reduction in food imports. Similarly, there is a severe shortage of medicine across the country.

“Al-Wadiah is the only functioning crossing point between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The import of goods has decreased by 25% since the beginning of the aggression, which is a record over the past 40 years,” Al-Shami told Sputnik Arabic. 
Al-Shami added that Saudi Arabia continues to carry out air strikes on hospitals and humanitarian structures, completely destroying them and rendering them useless. 
 “Over 60% of our humanitarian structures have been destroyed across the main regions of the country, which resulted in a dramatic deterioration of the healthcare situation. Moreover, the country’s water sources have been contaminated resulting in various epidemics and diseases,” the spokesperson pointed out. 
Al-Shami demanded that the international organizations and international community must immediately help to end this blockade and open land, sea and air routes in Yemen in order to fix the acute shortages of food and medicine in the country.

Why Hillary won't unleash WWIII

RT | Oct 27, 2016 | Pepe Escobar

The record shows Hillary “We Came, We Saw, He Died” Clinton is the ‘Queen of War’.

She is fully supported by virtually the whole US establishment; a bipartisan, neocon/neoliberalcon, regime change/”humanitarian” imperialist axis.

On the opposite side, for all his personal pathology problems and incoherent twitter-mouth ramblings, Donald Trump seemed to be on the money when he said that if elected, Hillary would use Syria to unleash WWIII.

To check out if that holds, let’s start with an essential backup.

The ‘Queen of War’, at the final US presidential debate in Las Vegas: "A no-fly zone [in Syria] can save lives and hasten the end of the conflict."

The ‘Queen of War’, in one of her 2013 speeches to Goldman Sachs, published by WikiLeaks: a no-fly zone would "kill a lot of Syrians.”

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: a no-fly zone in Syria “would require us to go to war, against Syria and Russia."

Predictably, the Clinton (cash) machine has been relentless promoting Hillary’s no-fly zone. Whenever cornered, the machine switches the narrative to Russian hacking of the DNC. Edward Snowden, who knows a thing or two about cyberwarfare, stresses there is no solid proof Russian intel hacked the Democratic/Clinton machine. And if they actually did it, the NSA would know. The fact the NSA is mum reveals this is no more than information war.

Pass the missile launchers, please

Trump seems to have been more on the money when he insisted how Hillary will be outsmarted – as she already was in the past – when dealing with President Putin, who she has demonized as Hitler.

I have shown how Hillary will be prevented from launching WWIII because her no-fly zone is already implemented in Syria by Russia. And the Pentagon – reflecting Dunford’s comments - knows it, no matter how emphatically soon-to-be-unemployed Pentagon head Ash Carter threatens “consequences.”

The Pentagon ranks Russia and China as the number one and two “existential threats” to US national security, in that order. And the US government reserves for itself the privilege of a nuclear “first-strike” – which Hillary supports (but not Trump); this is part of the 2002 Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine.

The relentless hysteria now crystallized as Cold War 2.0 has led scores of analysts to game the actual – terrifying - possibility of a US-Russia hot war. As much as the Cold War MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) doctrine may now lie in the dust – exactly because Washington refuses to back down from “first-strike” – only armchair Dr. Strangeloves get their kicks with the possibility of fighting a nuclear power. Dunford does not seem to be one of them.

What Hillary Clinton will certainly do is to double down on proxy wars, Vietnam/Afghanistan-style. So expect a President Clinton to authorize full weaponization of those Beltway-loved “moderate” Al-Qaeda-in-Syria rebels with plenty of shoulder-held missile launchers. This could easily get out of control – with lethal, yet not nuclear, consequences.

That’s exactly the point made by Mikhail Rostovsky in Moscow daily Moskovsky Komsomolets; if Hillary ratchets up tensions, “things could get out of hand.”

Also expect not so proxy ratcheting up of tension in the South China Sea; after all it was Hillary who claimed ‘mothership’ of the pivot to Asia; and it was Hillary who steered intra-South East Asian maritime disputes into the boiling cauldron of wider US-China competition.

And if that was not hard boiled enough, US frustration will be at an all-time high after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s own pivot to China.

Say hello to my new Sarmat

A case can be made that official Moscow is carefully getting ready to work with a Clinton – as in Obama III – presidency, with Hillary, a devil they know well when she was Secretary of State, to be dealt with as a pragmatist, unwilling and unable to plunge US-Russia relations into total incandescence.

A Clinton presidency for its part should know better than overestimate Russia’s financial “weakness.

The national debt of Russia is only 17.7 percent of GDP; for the US it is a whopping 104.17 percent of GDP, or $19.2 trillion. Russia in 2015 had a trade surplus of $150 billion, while the US had a trade deficit of $531.5 billion. The current account surplus of Russia was 5.1 percent of GDP, or 65.8 billion, while the US ran a current account deficit of 484.1 billion, or 2.7 percent of GDP.

Besides, Russia has all the natural resources it needs; unlike the US government, which believes it needs an empire of bases overseas and ten aircraft carrier task forces to secure the resources it lacks.

Moreover, as much as the Pentagon may continue to be infested by neocon cells, sound generals are also able to identify key Russian signals – such as the unveiling of the RS-28 Sarmat nuclear missile, which NATO calls Satan 2. The Sarmat delivers monster warheads of 40 megatons; boasts a top speed of seven kilometers per second; and is able to outfox any anti-missile shield system anywhere.

Hot war? Hillary Clinton may have pulled a Julius Caesar over Gaddafi. But she’s realist enough to not pull a (nuclear) Hitler over Moscow. Or is she?